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  • Your usual clinic, your usual doctor
  • No subscriptions
  • Trusted, safe, secure telecare

What makes Welio different?

A solution developed by GPs for GPs, other health care providers and their patients which provides simple and secure video or voice consultations with you when you can’t come into the clinic.
10% of all profits are dedicated to advocating for sustainable, quality General Practice. This will take the form of patient and politician directed advocacy and build on work already done by Dr Jared Dart.
Allows you to engage with your health professionals via text, audio or video messages. Transparent fees based on the time your health professionals spends responding to you.
Allow you to share blood pressure and other results remotely using our remote monitoring dashboard and Message Consults. (Coming soon).

Everything You Need In One Place

Connect with your doctor or health care provider wherever you are without having to travel and take time out of your busy life.*
* Telehealth is not appropriate for all appointments. Your doctor or health care provider may require you to attend in person.
Safer care
Connecting to your usual doctor/clinician and practice who know you and have access to all your health information is the safest way to receive telehealth care.
Private and Secure
End-to-end encryption and the safeguards of using Microsoft’s Azure technology means all your information is private and secure. Welio stores no credit card details and uses the the PCI payment gateway Stripe.
You only need to register and enter your details in once. Unlike other platforms there is no need to re-enter your details and payment details every time you have a telehealth appointment.

How does Welio work?

Book Online

Patients book a telehealth appointment via your usual appointment booking system or via phone with your clinic reception staff. The appointment is then mirrored in your Welio consult schedule. For Best Practice users this is done automatically.

Online Appointments

On the day and time of the appointment, simply log into Welio in your web browser * and you will see your patient ‘waiting’ on your dashboard. Simply click on the patient then click on the green camera button to connect via video.

Easy Fee Process

At the end of the consultation, simply end the video call by pressing the red button and then finalise your fee. Welio will instantly process the payment from your patient’s credit card and send it through to your clinic’s nominated bank account.