Slide BETTER ACCESS TO ADVICE Better Health Outcomes Welio allows you to connect with your health professionals via remote video, voice or text message consultations. Our secure, app based solution made possible using Microsoft’s Azure technologies, will help you stay in touch with your health professionals in between visits to the clinic.
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Welio | Better Together

Improving Patient Outcomes

Stay in touch with patients in between clinic visits. Welio provides clear and uninterrupted video consults with automated payment processing with added feature of secure message consultations.
Seek advice even when you can’t come to the clinic. Discuss results, obtain referrals or repeat prescriptions. Perfect for situations when you don’t need to be examined. Connect with your usual, trusted GP and Practice.

Easy To Use App

3 clicks and you’re in. Stable and clear audio and video. Secure and easy payment. First ever message consultations.

Clinically Appropriate Telecare

Your usual doctor/clinician knows you and your health. They will know when they can advise you remotely and when you need to come in. Support your practice which supports you.

Excellent device compatibility

Supports Apple/IOS and Google/Android tablet or phone.

Super Fast Setup

Welio takes less than 5 minutes to register.

Enhancing Patient Outcomes

The more patients seek and receive advice about their health, the better their health outcomes. Our busy lives make it hard to take time off to visit the clinic. Connect with your doctor/clinician via secure video from your own phone.

Powering Practice Performance

Great practices strive to provide timely and accessible care for all their patients. Connecting remotely helps your practice provide you the care you need, wherever you are.
Welio actively advocates for General Practice – using Welio supports a healthy, sustainable General Practice.


Why Use Welio

Connect with your doctor or health care provider wherever you are without having to travel and take time out of your busy life.*
* Telehealth is not appropriate for all appointments. Your doctor or health care provider may require you to attend in person.
Safer care
Connecting to your usual doctor/clinician and practice who know you and have access to all your health information is the safest way to receive telehealth care.
Private and Secure
End-to-end encryption and the safeguards of using Microsoft’s Azure technology means all your information is private and secure. Welio stores no credit card details and uses the PCI payment gateway Stripe.
You only need to register and enter your details in once. Unlike other platforms there is no need to re-enter your details and payment details every time you have a telehealth appointment.

Slide Seamless Integration Welio. No third-party software required. Integrated with Best Practice Seamlessly synchronises Telehealth
appointments with Welio

Built by real clinicians for real patients

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Our happy users

Why do people love Welio?

“As a ‘mature aged’ person and having to use Welio for the first time, I was a bit apprehensive. I wondered how I would manage to download the Welio App as well as working my way through the form. I was pleasantly surprised at how user friendly it was and easy to download. I also found the program worked well and was able to see the Doctor, it felt as if you were practically in the room with him. My congratulations to A/Prof. Dr Dart and his team for creating such a well thought out and practical program to use when unable to visit the rooms in times of need.”

Elsie, 76 yrs

“I have used Welio twice now and found it easy to navigate and the patient to doctor experience was very clear and successful.”

Glenda, 81 yrs

“Welio has been incredibly helpful during lockdown, and also for short consultations at other times when my mobility has been limited. I live some way from the clinic, but I prefer always to consult with my regular doctor at Fiveways. Welio allows me to do that. I found Welio quite intuitive and easy to use.”

Jane, 71 yrs

Great User Interface

Broad Device Compatibility

Built by and for clinicians and patients

"Hundreds of doctors and patients have helped shape Welio. They’ve helped make the complex simple, and the simple compelling for patients and practices.”

Welio Digital Practice Solutions

Powered by Microsoft

Great price plan for you!

Welio does not require a subscription. The only thing the clinic is required to pay is the merchant fee, the same as it currently does for its eftpos facility. The patient pays $2 each time they use Welio for a privately billed consultation.

For Australians
/ always
  • Video and Audio Consultations
  • Complete Booking and Scheduling
  • Supports Bulk Billing/Medicare