About Welio

Our Mission

To support high quality health care by enabling technology enhanced care, so we can all be Better Together.

Our Vision
We believe technology can enhance and empower patients and clinicians by:
  • Facilitating better connection with patients by reducing the barriers to effective clinical engagement
  • Increasing access to healthcare by facilitating remote consultations via synchronous video and asynchronous message consultations
  • Increasing patient self-management via our tailored remote monitoring solution (under development)
  • Increasing access to preventative health and chronic disease management reminders and action plans (under development)
Our Values
We believe:
  • Access to health care is a basic human right
  • That technology can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare AND positively impact on the personal relationship between health professionals and their patients
  • That both patients and providers need to be invested in achieving better health
  • Understanding the determinants of your health equips you for a healthy life
  • Monitoring health and wellbeing enhances patient outcomes
  • Intervening early in poor health leads to better health and social outcomes
  • In sharing our success with those less fortunate and that our platform can form part of the solution for those in low income communities
  • That there is always a path to a better outcome and that we are Better Together
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The People Behind You

Our Team

Associate Professor Dr Jared Dart

Associate Professor Dr Jared Dart

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A/Prof Jared Dart is a GP, GP owner and Co-Founder of Welio a remote care platform designed to enhance practice viability. He has a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Government, a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery, and a Doctor of Philosophy in eHealth and Medicine. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He has worked in Management Consultancy ($15M in competitive funding) and in research ($2.5M competitive NHMRC funding). He is passionate about the viability and value of General Practice.
Darren Magick

Darren Magick

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Darren started his career in law and communications focusing for the last 20 years on the development of health related behaviour change programs in conjunction with government, academia and industry. With extensive experience in established and emerging markets in Asia-Pacific Darren has held posts in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, supporting leading healthcare organisations in the development of strategic HCP policy initiatives and programs, many with digital infrastructure at their core. Darren is particularly passionate about the intersection between health and technology and the potential this holds for enhancing access and equity and ensuring the sustainable provision of health care for all.

Our partners

Welio Pty Ltd is a private company.

Our partners include: